I’ve moved!

2 May

funny gifs

Happy feet OR is it itchy feet?

Yep I’ve danced on ice, its a slippery slope you know AND moved to my own domain!

You can now find me at http://thephodiaries.com wooohoo!

A little redesign has been in place, let me know what you think, see you all there!



Magnet Mania

30 Apr

I had seen these magnetic nail varnishes for a while now, so when Barry M brought out a collection of metallic ones, I was straight to hop on board! Well hop to the counter at Superdrug…

They come in four colours, Violet, Dark Silver, Burgundy and Blue.

Metallic Varnish

Each has its own uniquely designed magnet for different effects. So you can collect them all and mix and match the colour and effect.

I opted for Dark Silver. This has a ripple effect. I applied a base coat, then one coat of the silver, let it dry. Applied a second and while wet hovered the magnet over my nail-the lid has a carefully designed ridge to balance it on your finger so you don’t land it smack into the polish! Awesome. Then I applied a coat of clear top coat. This was the result.

Ripple effect

I think it takes a bit of practice but it is really easy and I can’t wait to try the other colours!

If these nails could have a song I think it would be this:

Ok, ok , it was a total excuse to play Rihannas new video for Where Have You Been 😉


The Ivy

29 Apr

I always feel Sunday has its place for a big dinner and usually I don’t do myself wrong. Tonight I went to one of my favourite places to have dinner, The Ivy near Covent Garden.

It is known for its prestigious food and ambience, not to mention the celebrity clientale that frequent.

From the outset it has mosaic glass panelled coloured windows. The window below the The Ivy lettering has a beautiful moon and stars night scene set in coloured glass.

Moon and stars

Inside the lady at the door takes your coat and escorts you through to the dining room.

Every waiter is male and attends to you like you are the queen, VERY attentive.

Our table tonight was lovely, a nice booth with lots of space. The place was packed, the busiest I have ever seen it. Surrounding me is a set of paintings and prints of old film stars.

I ordered the Deep-fried haddock with minted pea purée, chips and tartare sauce.

Haddock @ The Ivy

Dessert was amazing! Wild strawberry & prosecco jelly with gold flakes within the jelly and ripple ice cream which came with strawberries on top in perfect heart shapes. A very girly dessert.
My boyfriend ordered the chocolate pudding and peppermint ice cream, with mint chocolate on top, tasted like After Eights in a bowl, delish!

Jelly and Prosecco

Chocolate pudding

To finish, I went all Carrie Bradshaw and had a Cosmopolitan.

I do love The Ivy and the food and service is always spectacular. If you are in London I highly recommend visiting. Bookings are essential.


If Narnia had a bar

28 Apr

It would look a little something like this.

Last night I was out with the girls for my good friend Anna’s leaving drinks. The night started off a bit strange, when this happens I just know it is going to be a crazy night. My taxi was arranged to come pick me up at my flat. No idea who this taxi was (an experience) but was one of the most ghetto taxis I’ve ever been in. No sat nav just a map and him, that’s all he needs, oh and some top rated ghetto music! TUNES

When I finally got to my destination Callooh Callay bar in Shoreditch all was good.

The minute I walked through the door there was such a great atmosphere, everyone was having a great time and drinks were flowing, although where were all my friends?…

I had received a text earlier that night to say go through the wardrobe when you got in!? I completely forgot about this and wandered around aimlessly till I saw a girl walk from… THE WARDROBE! Through the wardrobe I go and AH HA here we are…


What was in front of me was one of the most coolest bars I have ever been to.

My friends had already ordered what to me could only be described as a MASSIVE fish bowl, with gnomes and long long long straws! Where am i!?

Look at these little dudes

Gnome 1 is a cool dude

Turning behind me was only a metal sculptured giant palm tree with lights.

Now what to drink? So many choices, all in your own Now 65 Cocktails cassette tape menu.

I opted for the Golden Ticket, a mixture of Tequila, passion fruit and other things that are both strong and sweet, VERY good.

Music is a mixture of everything, from George Micheal to The Game, sheer brilliance. Enough to get you going that’s for sure.

They also provide you with water at your table and some extra special treats….

It was getting better and better….I also discovered there is a members only section which leads to another bar. Now I just need a membership or someone who has one, as I want to see this part of Narnia!

Throughout the walls in the corridor it is covered in cassette tapes,a really cool effect.There is also cherubs fixed to the walls in the booths holding vodka bottles, clever.

P-Ho recordings

Callooh Callay is a great find and I will definitely be going back.

But as the night was not over the next stop was Maddox nightclub, which can only be described as messy.

Table was set

For some UNCUT photos from Maddox follow The P-Ho Diaries on Facebook

The music in Maddox ROCKS. This tune stands out from last night….ENJOY!


V.I.P hour

26 Apr

Lunchtime is very important, it is time to get away from your desk, chill out, pick up a few things, meet a friend and most importantly EAT!

This week I was introduced to a new site and concept which I think is really cool. Getlunched.com is a site which puts together people who just want to meet for lunch, in the same area and spend their lunch hour either making new friends, sharing ideas, business meeting or even dating!
State why you would like to be having lunch and you even have the option to either pay, go dutch or NOT PAY and someone will for you! Amazing right?

It is currently in Beta but I can see this site really taking off, it’s a great idea and has the potential to be something awesome! If you would like an invite, leave me a comment and I’ll send you the oh so secret code…who knows we could be lunching together very soon!

Anyways today I went for lunch with my work mate Sonia Bonia to Wagamamas. Day after payday, its only right for a nice treat! I got the chicken ramen (every time) and Sonia got the Katsu curry (standard).

Chicken Ramen-noodle goodness

Me tucking in!

We got to talking about this Getlunched idea , dating and her perfect man! She is probably one of the sweetest, kindest people with no bad bone in her body and why so single? Well who knows, the worlds a shit place right! So I figured it my duty and call as the female ‘Hitch‘ to pimp her out!

A few qualities we require in her male counterpart:

    -Laughs out loud
    -Walks with a straight back!?
    -Smarter than most of the world
    -6ft tall
    -Older man
    -Rides a bike
    -Likes the theatre

Sweet like Sonia

I like a challenge. If you are this person or know of this person, let me know, I am also happy to pimp out anyone else, just holla!

Arrivederci! I’m off to watch Celeb Juice!

Bang Tidy P-Ho

You have probably heard this in a club?

25 Apr

Danced anyway….but didn’t quite know what it was?

This song is going to be huge!

So who is Dbanj?

Dbanj (Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo) is a massive Nigerian singer and harmonica player none the less and won Artist of the Year at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2009. He recently was on stage with Kanye West where he was introduced and so to global stardom obviously.

What do we think HOT or MISS?


The wait is over

25 Apr

The first post is always the hardest, what to write?

You want to look cool, not TOO cool but just cool enough to be intriguing, exciting, informative, awesome, thesaurus worthy! And make people want to read on and come back.

You need a topic….

dog cute


What am I #justsayin? Well I’m not going to be cool, I’m just going to let out the excitement that is MY FIRST POST!!!!

Totally worth a Carlton dance…

It’s over, it was amazing, it was emotional and my next post, well you’ll just have to wait and see, but I promise it’ll be a good one 😉